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Borers are basically larval forms of beetles. They mainly feed on plants and roots. They build tunnels inside the wood of trees. Furthermore, they are capable of causing extensive damage. If you are suspecting a borer infestation, look for holes in tree trunks. Also, they mostly aim at sapwood and hardwood. The beetles lay eggs in the cracks and holes of tunnels. Thus, the larvae feed on all the timber. And this will be a lot of damage for you. Therefore, if you are suspecting any borers around you, contact us immediately. Pest Control Logan is the best borer control company in Logan. Our services are quick and reliable. We also provide a wide range of Borer Control Logan service options to choose from. Hence, book your borer control service and appointment us today! Call on our customer care service at 0730500758

Available 24*7 in the suburbs of Logan 

Borers are not friendly pests. You definitely don’t want them in your homes. Do not ignore the constant signs of borer infestation in your homes. Consult our borer control team today! Our borer exterminators are very reliable and understanding. We are active 24*7 in the suburbs of Logan. We will fastly reach your place so that you don’t have to suffer anymore. You can modify and choose from our wide range of borer methods. We use natural borer controlling tools and methods also. Therefore, we will be the best option for you. 

Why choose us as your next Borer Control Logan Provider? 

  • Timely service – Our staff is very punctual about the services they provide. Therefore, you will always experience a timely service from our team. Furthermore, we can also come to your place within an hour of your appointment. 
  • Round the clock services – Our team is available all 24 hours for you. We are also available on the weekends and other public holidays. So that you can relax on your weekend and we can get all the borers out of your home. 
  • Non toxic pesticides – The pesticides and chemicals we use are all non toxic. Also, all of them are natural and eco friendly. Furthermore, they won’t cause any harm to your kids and pets at home. 
  • Competitive pricing – We put fair prices on all of our services. So that you don’t have to worry about expensive borer control services anymore. And you can experience quality standard services at a low cost in Logan. 
  • Emergency and same day services – Lastly, we also provide emergency services in the city of Logan. You can book your appointment and our team will reach your place soon. Therefore, we are the best option if you are looking for quality borer control services near you. 

Here are the different Borer Control Logan Services we tend to offer! 

  • Emergency borer control services –  Pest control Logan is the best borer emergency services in Logan. You can call our customer care anytime as we are available 24 *7. Therefore, ring our toll free number and avail the best deals today!
  • Domestic borer control – You can appoint our services if you are searching for quick and reliable domestic”  borer control near me”. Now, you do not have to wait for pest free homes anymore. We are just one call away. You will experience all the benefits of a professional pest control service by our team. 
  • Pre-purchase Borer Inspection Services – Are you looking for an affordable pre-purchase borer inspection service in Logan? We provide the safest and quickest borer inspection services. Therefore, you can move into your new property with peace of mind. 
  • Restaurant Borer Control – Is your kitchen infested with borers? Well we got your back. Our usage of pesticides are very safe for your food and kitchens. Therefore, call us for instant and professional inspection and removal borer control services. 
  • Borer inspection and removal services – Are you noticing holes on your furniture? Or are you noticing sawdust all over your home? Then you might probably have a borer insect swarms at your home. Our team provides both borer inspection and removal services in Logan. Hence, call us now and get an affordable pest control service for your home and other premises. 
  • Same day borer control servicesAll our borer services are available on the same day. Our clients have given a very positive response to all our emergency and same day services. Therefore, you can trust our team with the quick and timely service. 

In conclusion, you don’t have to look for reliable Borer Control Services anymore. Our team will perform the best techniques and methods. Thus, giving you a clean pest-free home. We are your best local Borer Control Service provider in Logan. 


How do you treat borers in homes? 

We first inspect and evaluate your home. Later, we use effective insecticides. And we apply multiple coats for more effectiveness.

What are signs of wood borers? 

If you notice frequent sightings of eggs, bore dust, and crumbling wood, then you might have wood borers in your household.

Can you do an instant pre-purchase inspection in Logan? 

Yes, of course. You can book an appointment and we will come at your property at your requested time.


Tiana appointed our team for borer inspection at her home on the weekend. Our team could perform an exterminating borer treatment. It took 2 days to get rid of all the borers. Tiana was highly satisfied and was glad to choose us. 

What do we like about Logan? 

Logan is a beautiful suburb situated in Australia. The place is very clean and lively. The clients we have come across in Logan are very polite. We look forward to more appointments from here.