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Silverfish are known as massive eaters. Silverfishes feed on the paper or damp cloth. They mostly stay in dark and damp areas. Although silverfish do not bring any disease they can give you some allergies. Also, they can attract some other pests. Silverfish are commonly found in basement garages, stores, or places with paper, cardboard, or clothes. Our company provides the best silver control Logan services to remove the silverfish completely from your house. Pest Control Logan is a reliable and outstanding pest control company in the whole of Logan. Contact our team at 0730500758 for Silverfish Control Logan. 0730500758 for Silverfish Control Logan.

Reasons for choosing our company 

There are several reasons for you to choose Pest Control Logan. Here are a few of them:

Professional staff

Our company delivers service with utmost discipline and sincerity. The staff is very professional and does not cheat with the work. 

Expertise service

The services that our company offers are performed with excellence and the results are always unmatched. We give our best in all the requests.

365 days operation

Our company operates pan year and can serve you in the odd hours too. We do not want our customer to ruin their schedule. 

Fair prices

Our services always have fair prices. We do not overcharge any customer. Also, we never hide any charges while informing our guests. 

Registered company

Our company is registered and all of our employees have a working valid license. Furthermore, our company has all the staff insured. 

Licensed technician

There should be at least one licensed technician or licensed pesticide applicator on the service. On our staff, we have not one but many licensed pesticide applicators. 

Exclusive Silverfish Control Logan that our company offers

Silverfish inspection and removal

Silverfish’s nest can be anywhere in your house so our expert will inspect the whole house and find their nests. Then they will perform silverfish extermination according to that. Call our experts now. 

Emergency silverfish control services

In case silverfishes are already too much for you to handle and you need help. Contact our company as we provide Emergency silverfish control service in which our team will be there in one hour.

Domestic silverfish control

Silverfish in a house will mostly like to hide in a store or garage as there are lots of boxes. Call us right away to exterminate them.

Restaurant silverfish control

Restaurant can also be a good place for silverfish to be. There are plenty of places where silverfish can hide. Contact our team to purge them all.

Pre-purchase silverfish inspection

  A pre-purchase silverfish inspection will help you to get to know about any infestation if there is. So reach our company to get the best pre-purchase silverfish inspection.  

Same day Silverfish control

Same day silverfish control will allow you to get the silverfish treatment service within the same day at any time of the day.

Silverfish control tips and tricks

There are the various method by which you can control silverfish such as:

Boric acid

Boric acid is a natural pest killer. This acid is completely natural and kills the pests by starving them. All you have to do is find the nest of the silverfish and sprinkle some of it on the nest. So one pest will eat it and spread the poison.

Diatomaceous earth

Another naturally obtained powder that is thought to kill the pests by dehydrating them. Also, it can be used to kill many different types of insects. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is also safe for humans and their pets as it has no side effects to both of them. 

Cedar shavings

While you will absolutely fall in love with the smell of cedar shaving the silverfish will not be able to even stand around anywhere near. The silverfish will instantly retreat out of your house when your whole house will be full of good aroma. It is always a win-win with this method.


Apart from making food or coffee taste a hundred times better cinnamon is a great way to repel the silverfish. All you have to do is to keep the cinnamon sticks wherever the infestation is. 


Can silverfish bite you?

No, there has been no record of a silverfish biting any human. However, they can still eat your wallpaper glue or any other thing with cellulose.

Can silverfish be present in the pantry?

Yes, silverfish love to nimble on some human food too like grains but sugar and coffee is their favorite. Also, they can eat any food with carbs. 

 Can silverfish eat clothes?

Yes, they love to feast on any natural fiber like cotton, wool, jute, silk. Moreover, they also eat synthetic fibers.

Case study

Steve called us for the Pre-Purchase inspection at the property on Tuesday. Our team reached on the appointed time and started the procedure. It took our team 3,4 hours to completely analyze the property. After that, it took 1 hour to make the report and make him understand the report. He was happy with the report. Moreover, he mentioned that he will recommend us. 

Why we love to work in Logan

Logan has various places to visit like Tamborine National Park, Cedar Creek Falls Road, Daisy Hill Koala centre. The people of the town are very jolly. Moreover, we love to work here and we hope that you will also hire us.